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Food Sustainability-at places of learning (Part 2)

Follow up to my earlier blog piece on food sustainability initiatives at some of the leading educational institutes around NYC, this piece focuses more on Sustainable Food Practices through the lens of one University, Columbia University in the City of New … Continue reading

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Learning about Anaerobic Digestion through a live tour

Sometime this September, a few of us waste geeks got invited to tour a municipal waste facility as well as a company trying to convert waste into energy. It was both fascinating and heart breaking; mainly because the company has such a great idea and business model but is still waiting for all necessary permits from the government. Hopefully they will get all necessary approvals very soon and will be in the news as a great success story. The visit still made me think this would be a great opportunity to both learn and report on the various technologies, parties, parts involved in this process of converting waste to energy; so read on. Continue reading

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City Harvest-making New York a truly special place!

Founded in 1982 as the world’s first food rescue organization, City Harvest (cityharvest.org) is dedicated to helping feed hungry New Yorkers. The main service is collecting excess food from restaurants, grocers, bakeries, manufacturers, and farms, and delivering it free of … Continue reading

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Corporate Food Waste..as observed through the lens of a Food Waste Audit

November of 2014 was an exciting month for me. My semester was nearly over, I was going to sunny LA after having won a sweepstake (I know-how cool is that!) and finally all of my summer networking had paid off … Continue reading

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